Keys to Victory for the Georgia Bulldogs vs Samford 



Keys to Victory for the Georgia Bulldogs vs Samford 

After an amazing victory in South Bend last Saturday, the Bulldogs travel back home to face the Samford Bulldogs in a filler game before kicking off SEC play next week vs Mississippi State.

Following a Defensive clinic by the Bulldogs vs Notre Dame, look for this game to be a blowout. Samford Bulldogs a member of the Southern Conference, brings in a 2-1 season record to Sanford Stadium looking for an upset.

I personally don’t see this game being close at all.  You could call this a filler game, a cupcake game, but there will be no competition between Samford and Georgia. This game will be way finished before it ever really began.

A few keys to victory for the Bulldogs 
* Get the pash rush going early! Send Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy off the edges on the the daily.

* After a so-so showing for the running game, look for Jim Chaney to feed his running backs 40-50 times this game.

* Don’t count the Samford Bulldogs out. A team with nothing to lose is the most dangerous team…Who are we kidding? This game is not gonna be close at all!

Prediction: Georgia’s offense hits the ground running (literally) and goes up on Samford early, completely breaking the spirit of their defense. Georgia’s Defense does what it does best and runs to the ball from sideline to sideline. With Roquan Smith leading the team in tackles for this game, and Lorenzo Carter and Davin Bellamy both having a sack each, Georgia wins convincingly 41-7

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