Falcons vs Lions Week #3 Prediction



Falcons vs Lions Week #3 Prediction


In the last meeting between the Falcons and Lions in 2014, where the NFL hosted the game in Wembley Stadium in London, England, the Lions were able to squeeze out a 22-21 victory courtesy of a 48 yard field goal by Matt Prater.

Now 3 years later, both teams look a lot different. Both the Lions and Falcons no longer have their lead rushers from that game in Joique Bell and Steven Jackson. BUT both teams have returning WR’s in Golden Tate and Julio Jones respectably.

As the game gets closer and closer, many Falcons fans can picture a different outcome, compared to the 2014 result. This game is going to be a battle of the defenses! With both Defenses known for stopping the run, something has got to give.

Atlanta’s RB group, led by Devonta Freeman, has been on a tear the last 2 weeks racking up 205 yards on 50 carries and 3 TD’s compared to the Lions RB’s group. led by Ameer Abdullah, who have a combined 220 yards on 59 carries and NO TD’s. Now-a-days with the rushing attack being such an important part of the game, I give Atlanta the edge over Detroit in this group. 

Atlanta’s Passing/Receiving group is where this prediction gets tricky. Statistically Detroit has a better Passing/Receiving attack then Atlanta so far this season. Atlanta has 573 yards on 40 completions for 2 TD’s compared to Detroit’s 414 yards on 44 completions for 6 TD’s. With that being said I am going to give the edge to Detroit over Atlanta in this group solely on the fact that they score through the air compared to on the ground.

As the Defense’s are very close to each other, characteristically, both have given up less than 100 yards rushing per game, that may cause problems for Detroit as this game progresses. With Atlanta having Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman in the backfield, I see this Lions defense initially containing those running backs, but get worn down towards the end of the 3rd, beginning of the 4th quarter.

The Lion’s passing attack will cause problems for the Falcons Secondary after they gave up multiple slant routes to Green Bay to allow them to march down the field on back to back drives. I believe the Atlanta Secondary will “bend but not break” which will allow the strength of their team (the Defense) to finish the game off in style!

This game is going to be a battle of grit but will ultimately be won by the better ALL AROUND OFFENSIVE ATTACK that will be the Atlanta Falcons!

Prediction: Atlanta 27 – Detroit 20


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