Hair today, Gone Tomorrow


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Dread according to Webster’s is defined as “to fear greatly” but to Urban Dictionary it is referred to as “hair locked together by knots which can be usually made by backcombing the hair to make them nice and tight.”

In the case of Takk McKinley, he has some of the most noticeable dreads on the Atlanta Falcons squad. After squeezing out a victory on Sunday in Detroit, Takk and the Falcons boarded their plane with hopes of not having to worry about Detroit until the Playoffs.

That was until Friday morning when a Detroit Lions worker posted an unusual, yet one of a kind item on eBay. A lonely dread that belonged to Takk was left behind!

What had to have started as a joke, became reality when after only a few hours the price exceeded $1,000. With all the publicity directed towards the listing, Takk joined in on the fun

After tweeting that he needed to bid to get his dread back, the price was driven up to $10,000, in a matter of hours. 

Whether it be his teammates messing with him, or an obsessed fan, you best believe I will be watching the listing for the next 9 days to see what the winning bid becomes!

UPDATE: Ebay officially ended the listing at $11,000 because they said selling hair isn’t permitted on Ebay… Debbie downers!

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