Georgia Moves into #4 spot after Vanderbilt win



Georgia moves into #4 spot after Vanderbilt win


Following a crazy weekend for College Football where we saw multiple top 10 teams get upset, none was bigger and most important for Georgia than the #3 Oklahoma-Iowa State game.

In a game where #3 Oklahoma was favored by 30 points, Iowa State had different plans. Iowa State capped off a victory after defeating Oklahoma 38-31 and officially shuffling up the top 10!

With Georgia being #5 coming into the week, They took care of business against Vanderbilt and sealed a 6-0 season record to start 2017! With #3 Oklahoma going down, #4 Penn State jumps to #3 and Georgia gets to the #4 spot!

With Georgia now right in the middle of Playoff talks, look for Coach Smart to become even more strict and demand perfection in the weeks to come.

#GoDawgs #SicEm

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