Vic Beasley looking to play vs Miami



Vic Beasley looking to play vs Miami

Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams

After a Week 2 injury, Vic Beasley is looking to return back to the playing field on Sunday. Coach Quinn stated in his press conference this afternoon that, “It will be good to have Vic back. It’s going to be a big nickel game, Miami plays a lot of 3 WR sets.”

At the current moment the coaches and trainers are going to observe his play throughout the week as Vic takes it day by day. Coach Quinn and the staff will get good idea of his progress on Wednesday-Friday to see if Vic can do his thing and be explosive.

“We are excited to get him back on the field, we want to see his improvement”. With the Falcons looking to keep their momentum after a bye week, they will rely on Vic Beasley to come back and cause disruption with his pass rush ability.

The Falcons return to Mercedes Benz Stadium on Sunday when they take on the Miami Dolphins at 1pm EST.


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