Georgia Wins Ugly – But That’s Okay


11/4/17 7:00pm

Georgia Wins Ugly – But That’s Okay


Photo: @georgiafootball (Instagram)

By: Joshua Grosh


Okay Dawg fans. Take a deep breath. That game was a relative nail biter even though it was a two-possession game for much of the second half. Yet, South Carolina kept it close, stopping Georgia whenever it was truly necessary to keep the game within striking distance – and Georgia kept them alive. During the second half after the two-touchdown lead, Georgia began to sit on the lead trying to bleed the clock as much as they could and being as predictable as could be on offense. Yet, even before that, Georgia played sloppy by leaving receivers open play after play, possibly due to the lack of consistent pressure that Georgia was getting. From the opening onside kick to the late hit by Aaron Davis, Georgia played this game overly aggressive – as if to make up for the nervousness of being number one. When it came down to it though, Georgia held up – the defense was bend not break and Fromm kept the offense chugging along with great throws. It was enough and though it wasn’t pretty, it was what every championship team hopes for – an ugly win in a dangerous look-past type of game.

See, every championship hopeful team has a trap game where their team typically will not play to form at one point or another. Alabama has struggled with TAMU earlier this year for instance and Ole Miss in past years to get to the playoffs. Clemson took quite a few “struggle wins” for most of last year. Yet, like most instances for the previously listed, their teams became better for it. Georgia stood tall in the face of adversity in the second half for only the second time this season and stepped up. With Auburn next week, Georgia has been humbled and likely refocused on the end goal – the SEC Championship and a playoff bid.


Notable stats for this week:

  • Fromm throws 16 of 22 for 196 yards and 2 touchdowns without an interception and at 8.9 yards a pass – keeping true to his incredible stats this season.
  • Georgia defense steps up and gets two interceptions – when it only had 6 all season up to this point.
  • Georgia is 9-0 for the first time since 1982 – a season that almost saw a national championship with an 11-0 start.
  • Chubb got 20 total carries tonight – the first time all season long.


**Also, bonus announcement – Kentucky has fallen in a last 10 second touchdown by Ole Miss. This meaning that UGA has sealed up the East and is returning to the SEC championship game for the first time since 2012.**

#GoDawgs #RingTheBell #SCvsUGA #SECEastChamps

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