Looking on to Auburn


11/6/17 11:00pm

Looking on to Auburn



By. Joshua Grosh


So, with a big match up looming with Auburn – who will likely be a top ten team – ahead of UGA, let’s get a jump on some stats and numbers revolving around the game and that Georgia fans may need to know – and you can draw what conclusions you want. The stats I will highlight will be ones I personally feel will be the most important to the game.


Passer Rating:

82.2 (Fromm, UGA) v. 74.6 (Jarrett Stidham, Auburn).

This rating basically judges quarterbacks on a comprehensive view of their skills from completions, running/scrambling capabilities, ability to avoid sacks and etc. It lets us know how good a quarterback is performing all in a nice little number. Yet, let’s take a closer look.

Fromm against top 60 pass defenses: 98.2 (Miss State #8), 98.3 (Florida #37), 71.1 (Tennessee #3), 90.8 (Vanderbilt #29).

Stidham against top 60 pass defenses: 21.6 (LSU #12), 96.2 (Miss State #8), 29.2 (Clemson #21), 96.1 (Ole Miss #52).

For reference, UGA is #7 and Auburn is #22 in pass defense. UGA is #113 in pass offense and Auburn is #64 in pass offense.

Rushing Offense:

Georgia 279.3 6/game (#8 nationally) vs. Auburn 236.7 yds/game (#19 nationally)

Both teams unmistakably aim to run the ball, Georgia in a more conventional manner compared to Auburn. UGA is headed with a five-headed monster backfield dedicated to tiring the defense out while Auburn is now down to two major rushers after the injury of Kamryn Pettway (accounting for 305 yards and 6 tds). Please note the following may be affected due to the two teams’ success in the run.

UGA vs Top 60 rush defenses: 203 (Miss State #24), 185 (Notre Dame #30), 242 (South Carolina #49), 221 (App State #58)

Auburn vs Top 60 rush defenses: 38 (Clemson #21), 244 (Miss State #24), 189 (LSU #42), 228 (Texas A&M #57)

For reference, UGA is #5 in yards allowed per game rushing and Auburn is #24 in yards allowed per game rushing.

Last Time Trailing:

UGA has not trailed in a game since the 4th quarter of Notre Dame game on September 9th.

Auburn has not trailed in a game since the 1st quarter of the Texas A&M game on November 4th.

Height Miss Match:

Auburn has few tall WRs, Darius Slayton at 6’2”, Eli Stove at 6’0”, and Nate Craig-Myers at 6’2”. Slayton and Stove being the more common targets.

UGA’s tallest starting DB is star position Aaron Davis at 6’1” and safety Dominick Sanders at 6’0”. If in a passing situation, Auburn will have the advantage in height.


UGA has only permitted 6 points in the third quarter all season.

Auburn has not lost at home since September 2016 against then #16 ranked Texas A&M meanwhile UGA hasn’t lost on the road since September 2016 against Ole Miss.
UGA has not lost at Auburn since 2013 and has beaten Auburn 11 of the last 17 meetings (since 2000), and won 8 of the last 10 games.

This will be the 121st match-up for Georgia and Auburn – and Georgia leads the series 57-55-8.

UGA (-2.5) is currently the betting line favorite for this meet. Georgia’s goals for the game should be to stop the run, pressure Stidham, and get Auburn down early. Auburn has been known to score in bunches at times and its defense will find its stride at some point in this game. It will bode well if Georgia both runs the ball well and takes an early lead. Auburn’s passing offense is suspect at best – and not for the reason that Georgia’s is often questioned (not needing to pass when the run game works so well). If Georgia gets an early lead, stops Auburn’s running ability, and force the game into an under duress Jarrett Stidham, UGA will likely come out on top.

All in all, here’s hoping for a Dawgs win in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry.

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