Dawgs Top the Cats


11/18/17 7:30pm

Dawgs Top the Cats


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**As previously stated in #7 UGA vs Kentucky Week #12 Prediction , we predicted a 37-17 victory which fell a little short from being perfect.**

By: Joshua Grosh


Sometimes you just need a game to regain your confidence. This was one of those games. Georgia early on seemed to still be rattled from the game against Auburn. The team early on racked up penalties and couldn’t get anything going offensively outside of the first scoring drive. Kentucky however was able to get moving constantly, giving Georgia fits defensively but always fizzled out nearing the red zone where Georgia would dig in and make the necessary stop. Georgia’s first scoring drive (the second drive after an opening interception) was a grinding 12-play, 75-yard drive for a total of 6+ minutes. Somewhat dominant but not explosive – something that may have described a decent bit of the first half. Then, the last 7 minutes of the half, Georgia revved back to life with big play after big play. A beautiful pass from Fromm to Wims gave Georgia a larger lead and then the 37-yard scamper by Michel gave Georgia the 21-7 lead. Georgia’s defense had regained its footing only to momentarily lapse from that focus during Kentucky’s first drive of the second half. Yet, in the third quarter, it was obvious it was going to go all Georgia’s way. Georgia began to bear down on Kentucky’s offense, forcing no drive of more than four plays until Kentucky’s final drive. So, Georgia bounces back and wins. All good right?

Not necessarily. Tonight, unfortunately, did not do much to settle the fears of last week. Fromm did his usual short passes and normal handful of intermediate throws but nothing new to the passing offense seemingly. Georgia’s run game was dominant in this game and that shouldn’t be understated, but Fromm may need more practice on more diverse passing packages for the SEC Championship. Yet, then again, Georgia likely did not want to show any new wrinkles possibly. Who knows – the mind of the coach is a wonderous thing.

Senior night was a success overall. Chubb churned his way out to a 1000-yard season and 40 + total touchdowns – the second ever Georgia running back to ever do so. Carter and Bellamy got pressure, Sony Michel did well and scored three touchdowns, and Aaron Davis got an interception. This group stands in history as the first ever Georgia team to go undefeated in SEC East play in program history. Here’s hoping that they get even more memories in the weeks ahead.

Looking ahead, Georgia must prepare for a desperate Georgia Tech team who sits at 5-5 on the season and needs the win over UGA to become bowl eligible while UGA looks to avenge the memories of last year. Georgia will likely be favored in the game and will play in the somewhat friendly confines of Bobby Dodd Stadium.

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