Hoop Dawgs Stun #21 St. Mary’s in Upset Win


11/26/17 7:00pm

Hoop Dawgs Stun #21 St. Mary’s in Upset Win


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Photo: @UGABasketball


By: Joshua Grosh

What a win for the Dawgs as a team and a program. To defeat a rather great program like St. Mary’s in overtime is a feat not many Georgia teams as of late can claim. UGA had not beaten a ranked team since the February of 2012 when Georgia upset #12 Florida – and for a head coach in Mark Fox, it is a good sign. Georgia had never truly been a dominant force on the basketball court but tonight showed that perhaps Fox can bring Georgia into an even more competitive field than he has already done.

This Georgia victory was not a herculean effort either by one player as Georgia had five different players score 10 or more points and Maten and Ogbeide came down with 16 rebounds together. To make matters more surprising, UGA shot for 41.2% beyond the arc – a dynamic many believed to not be there anymore for Georgia after the graduation of JJ Fraizer. Yet, Crump and Jackson found the bucket 6 times from the 3-point line together, collectively making more than the entire St. Mary’s team. Not one Dawg fouled out and most importantly, Ogbeide and Edwards gave up no personal fouls – the two being Georgia’s most relied upon big men on defense. Georgia’s ability to block shots (six shots to Saint Mary’s 1) will prove beneficial in the future. Though UGA was in a dogfight with St. Mary’s, the Dawgs pulled through in a type of game that we usually see a Georgia team falter in – big games like the ones against Kentucky in the past. This may be a very exciting year for the Hoop Dawgs if they continue to progress. Keep eyes on Ogbeide – he will be key to many wins if he continues to play to his best ability and stay out of foul trouble. He may not light up the scoreboard, but he does provide a great defense. Also, keep eyes on Crump for he may have a bright future in a Georgia uniform.


Georgia gave up a collective 54 points to just Landale and Naar. Georgia was fortunate to survive that attack – yet they won because of something Georgia has often lacked, quality team play as opposed to individual play.

5 UGA players went over 10 points: Y. Maten (16), D. Ogbeide (10), Parker (14), W. Jackson (15), Crump (17).

Crump lead the team with 4 three pointers.

Ogbeide came down with 9 rebounds (1 short of his total points) while Maten came down with 7.

UGA made 41.2% of its three-pointers, the highest all season and only second time it cracked 40% (first time was against Bryant University.

This is only the third ranked win for Georgia under Mark Fox, the previous two were in the 2010-11 (#11 Kentucky) and 2011-12 (#12 Florida) seasons.


UGA’s next game is at Marquette on December 2nd at 2 P.M. and their next ranked match is not until New Years Eve against #8 Kentucky.


Go Dawgs!

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