Should the Braves target Free-Agent pitcher Yu Darvish for 2018?


12/22/17 11:30am

Should the Braves target Free-Agent pitcher Yu Darvish for 2018?


Photo: Mark J Rebilas- USA TODAY

By. Andrew Rodberg

As every Braves fan knows, the team and organization are in a rebuild that has been in effect the past 2 seasons. With the team struggling to find offense at times, the starting pitching rotation as been the achilles heal of the club. With so many young and upcoming pitchers making their way up to the majors, the Braves need another veteran pitcher other than Julio Teheran in the rotation.

This is where theories become evident and everyone begins to throw out names. One possible pickup could be 31 year old Japanese pitcher, Yu Darvish. Yu spent most of his 2017 season with Texas until he was traded to the Dodgers in hopes of solidifying their rotation for a playoff push.

During Yu’s 2017 season, he went 10-12 with a 3.86 ERA, he was able to rack up 209 strikeouts to 58 walks. With Yu’s contract being up and the Dodgers not knowing if they want to keep him around, this is the perfect time for the Braves to make a move.

The only downfall is that Yu is going to want a multi-year contract that won’t be cheap. Do the Braves let him go or do they pursue him to get a decent starting pitcher in a struggling rotation?

You tell me!

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