BREAKING NEWS: UGA DE Jon Ledbetter to Return for Senior Season


12/29/17 1:45pm

BREAKING NEWS: UGA DE Jon Ledbetter to Return for Senior Season

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By. Andrew Rodberg

On Friday afternoon, Jon Ledbetter made it known that he would be returning for his senior season!

In an interview Ledbetter stated, “I think I’m gonna stay. I’ve made a conscious decision, I just want to finish out, finish the drill. I think if you ask any one of the other guys, they’ll say the same thing. It’s not so much what you want to do at the next level, it’s always about finishing where you are.”

With this big news, Georgia will get a senior returner who has 29 total tackles in 12 games and a veteran presence on the defensive line. With Ledbetter way ahead of where he was in 2015 where he played 2 games and in 2016 played in 7, he will look to finish the drill and help UGA win the Rose Bowl on January 1st.

Join me in Welcoming Jon Ledbetter back to the G!

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