ChopFest becomes a “Home Run” for Fans and Autograph Collectors of All Ages Despite Rain


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1/30/18 11:30am

ChopFest becomes a “Home Run” for Fans and Autograph Collectors of All Ages Despite Rain

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By. Andrew Rodberg

Fresh off a 2017 absence, FanFest returned to the City of Atlanta but under a new name, ChopFest and new ballpark, SunTrust Park. With Braves Country starting to get excited about baseball season returning and what the future holds for the ball-club, fans of all ages showed up at the field to meet and support their team.

With the event officially kicking off on Saturday January 27th, fans came in flocks and showed true grit as it began to rain. In most situations, people would leave and look for cover but not these fans! With the gates opening at 10am; kids, parents, autograph collectors and old faithfuls remained in line in order to get inside the stadium.

Once inside the stadium there were many activities to take part in. These events ranged from selfies with players to playing toss on the field. Kids were able to interview players in a kids only press conference, players showed up and played arcade games in Hope and Will’s Sandlot, and you could race the clock to try to beat “the Freeze.”

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Photo: AJC/ Jason Getz

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Photo: AJC/Jason Getz

But no event was more popular than the autograph sessions with players. This event was a pre-purchased activity that was limited and sold out quite quickly. Each day consisted of three sessions and each session was $30. The one catch was that no one knew what players would be attending each session.

With many people cautious about buying tickets because of how unorganized the last FanFest was at Turner Field, no one knew what to expect. Surprisingly, the Braves had it very organized and separated the signing from the other activities. After talking with many collectors and fans, most were very happy with what players showed up and what items they were able to get autographed.

Some of the current players were Freddie Freeman, Ozzie Albies, Ronald Acuna and Ender Inciarte.

Some alum also joined the fun, led by Bobby Cox, Johnny Estrada, Terry Pendleton and Marquis Grissom.


Photo: Andrew Rodberg Facebook

Photo: Joe Amorosso Facebook

With the 2 day event coming to a close, many fans left happy and optimistic about what the 2018 could be.

After talking to multiple people, it was determined that Chop Fest was a success in its comeback showing!

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