Looking ahead to the 2018 Season: What should we expect from Freddie Freeman in 2018?

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Looking ahead to the 2018 Season: What should we expect from Braves Freddie Freeman in 2018?

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By. Andrew Rodberg

Ever since Freddie earned his 1st All-Star appearance in 2013, he has been a force to be reckoned with and will continue to do so. With his powerful bat and consistent ability to hit the ball in the middle of the lineup, he has become the foundation that the Braves organization is building upon. Year in and year out, Freddie has improved his batting average and been in the All Star conversation but has failed to make it to the mid season gathering. Held back by injuries, his most recent being a broken wrist last season, kept him out the whole month of June and killed his chances of another All Star bid. Before his injury, Freddie was battling for not only an All Star bid but was putting up MVP like numbers on the daily.

Now 7 months since his return, Freddie has said he is healthy and feels like he’s regained his strength. With the Braves trading away Matt Kemp and letting Matt Adams walk, the Braves are going to rely on Freddie’s bat to give the batting order some pop. Freddie was able to rack up 34 home-runs and boast a .302 batting average in 2016 and 28 home-runs and a .307 batting average in 2017 so the likeliness of him matching that are very high.

The only downfall to Freddie being the major piece in the batting order is that there is no protection behind him to keep teams from just walking him every time he comes up to the plate. In 2016 and 2017, Freddie was walked 89 times and 65 times respectfully. In order for the Braves to score runs, they will need to find or have someone step up in the order to force teams to pitch to Freddie.

One player who could be a huge piece to the 2018 puzzle could be up and coming OF Ronald Acuña. With Acuña jumping up from A to AAA last year, he has shown that he has a powerful bat that could help secure Freddie’s 3rd position in the batting order.

Based on Freddie’s past 3 years and his improvement, 404 The Beat is projecting Freddie to have yet another All-Star like season with 32 home-runs, 74 BB’s and a .311 batting average.

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