Who’s in and Who’s out: Preston Tucker or Ronald Acuña

4/5/18 8:00pm

Who’s in and Who’s out: Preston Tucker or Ronald Acuña

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By. Andrew Rodberg


As the first week of the MLB season comes to a close, the Braves have some serious questions to answer in the weeks to follow.  One of the leading questions is about when to bring up Ronald Acuña. As many Braves fans know, Preston Tucker was given the Opening Day roster nod and with that announcement, they sent Ronald Acuña down to AAA. With Tucker thought to be just a fill-in until Ronald could come up to the majors, no one really expected him to come in and make a difference on the offense of side of the ball.

In the first five games, Tucker began to swing a hot bat! With two home-runs, 8 RBIs and a .426 BA, the Braves are now in a predicament as to when to bring up Acuña. With the Braves offense leading the MLB in runs scored, many are wondering if the Braves will break up the chemistry and take Tucker out of the lineup or hold off on the highly touted Acuña’s debut.

Game Tying Singles #1 and #2:



HR #1 and #2:



From a business standpoint, sending Acuña down to AAA to start the season secured him for another year which was a pretty obvious choice. Acuña during Spring Training had 44 plate appearances, hit 4 home-runs, had 11 RBI’s and boasted a .432 batting average.

Today many fans noticed an increase in ticket prices for the April 16th game against the Phillies, with this occurring many believe that will be the first game of Ronald Acuña’s MLB career.

Braves Country, you be the judge, what do you think? Should the Braves keep Tucker in the lineup until his hot streak ends or pull him in order to get Acuña here as quickly as possible. If not Tucker, who else do you think could be on the “chopping block” so to speak!

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One Reply to “Who’s in and Who’s out: Preston Tucker or Ronald Acuña”

  1. I think they open up the trade waters to see what Tucker can get for a good releaf pitcher. Get it while he is hot.


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