Injury Update: Freddie Freeman’s Wrist


Injury Update: Freddie Freeman’s Wrist


Photo: Rodberg

By. Andrew Rodberg

Following yet another good series vs the Phillies, the Braves continue to move up the NL East standings but the mood in Atlanta this morning is somber.

As Braves Country knows, last year Freddie was sidelined for 8 weeks after suffering a left wrist fracture. In doing so, it ended his MVP like season and left a major hiccup in the Braves lineup. Last night Braves fans and the state of Georgia had to endure those same feelings once again.

In the 8th inning and the Braves up 4-2, Freddie Freeman came up to bat. Freddie known for crowding the plate and welcoming inside pitches, fought off a few good ones during his at bat but dejavu struck and Freddie was plunked on the same wrist he injured last year.

With Freddie’s reaction to being hit not one that stood out to the training staff, Freddie gingerly walked toward the dugout and took himself out of the game. At that point everyone thought the worst as Freddie headed straight to the locker-room.

After the game Brian Snitker was asked for an update and was unable to give one. Now Thursday afternoon, the Braves finally announced the results of the CT scan via Twitter and it looks like Freddie has dodged a bullet and is day to day!

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