Braves All-Star Break Assessment

7/17/18 9:00pm

Braves All-Star Break Assessment

Braves New Stadium Baseball

By. Andrew Rodberg

As the Braves sit .5 a game behind the 1st place Philadelphia Phillies team and have a 5 game cushion in front of preseason favorites, Washington Nationals, they must address a few needs in order to continue to legitimately contend in the NL East.

As all Braves Country has noticed, the Braves are in dire need of some bullpen help and another solid starting pitcher. With new GM Alex Anthopoulos at the helm, he must decide how willing the organization is to trade prospects for a chance at a 2018 run.

With that being the most important question thus far, Braves Country is waiting for some trade news day by day. With Machado looking to be out of reach, the Braves need to actively pursue some pitchers that have more than a 1 year contract in play as they will want someone they can control for a long period of time.

As the Nation was advised of the completed  Orioles-Dodgers trade that sent Manny Machado to LA, many had thought Zach Britton will be placed in that deal. With Britton not being sent to LA, the Braves must actively push for a trade that involves him.

This year has been somewhat of a disappointment for Britton after coming off of the DL after surgery. With his stats not eye-popping, that may allow the Braves to sneak in a steal him, knowing he could return to his old self.

Another possible pickup for the Braves could be Cole Hamels. Hamels pitching for the Texas Rangers has had a decent year. He is on the slight decline as his years of service continues to grow but as a veteran presence, he could be a solid pitcher for the Braves.

As for the offensive side of the ball, the Braves have been quietly watching Mike Moustakas of the Kansas City Royals. Moose has had a very solid year and has found himself surrounded by trade talks all year long. With Machado getting most of the action, the Braves could really solidify the batting order and help a struggling Johan Camargo at third base.

With so many possible trades in play, this could be a fun time for Braves Country as they continue their surprise 2018 season where they won 52 games before All-Star Break!

Keep Calm and Chop On Braves Country! We’re just getting started!

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