#3 Georgia vs #24 South Carolina Week #2 Prediction

9/8/18 9:00am

#3 Georgia vs #24 South Carolina Week #2 Prediction


Cover Photo: Youtube


By. Andrew Rodberg

TV/Radio: CBS

After defeating their week one opponent, Austin Peay 45-0, the Dawgs go on the road to Williams Brice Stadium in Columbia, SC to take on the #24 Gamecocks.  Many people believe this could be the one hiccup in Georgia’s quest to return to the National Championship, but the Dawgs have different plans. With a 3:30pm start time, here are a few keys to victory:

Don’t let the hostile environment fluster you:

With the Bulldogs coming into a rowdy and hostile environment, they must make sure they play a clean and turnover free game. In the past, this game as been neck and neck all the way to the final whistle and this one looks to be the same. With a fan-base thirsty for a upset victory, you best believe it will be rockin’.

Get the passing game going:

With the run game the main focal point in the Dawgs game-plan, they must eliminate the Gamecocks from stacking the box and adding another defender and what better way than to pass the ball and make them defend every receiver. The Dawgs need to get Hardman and Robertson involved quickly and regularly if they look to get a ground game going.

Play Georgia Football:

Georgia needs to come out of the gates ready to score some points. if they get the ball to start the game, they need to take a shot early with hopes of taking the crowd out of the equation. A lot like the Mississippi State game last year, the Dawgs can use a flea flicker to get the defense on their heels and overthinking every play. If they can do that, they will set the tone and this game will be a lot easier to manage.

Don’t Give Up on the Run :

UGA needs to give different looks in the backfield. South Carolina has a decent defensive line so the normal draw plays won’t be as effective as a jet-sweep or a counter toss to swift or Robertson. Change it up!

Prediction: Georgia 27 South Carolina 17

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