Little Brother Beat Down: Dawgs Run This State

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11/24/18 5:15pm

Little Brother Beat Down: Dawgs Run This State


Cover Photo: Hyosub Shin/AJC

By: Joshua Grosh

Dawgs defeat Georgia Tech 45-21 Our Prediction was:#5 Georgia vs Georgia Tech Week 13 Prediction

​In what amounted to an absolute dismantling of the top rushing attack of all of the FBS, Georgia wrecked the Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech. Any and everything that the Jackets attempted for most of the game was completely snuffed out time and time again to the point that they did not even reach 130 yards rushing. Until the fourth quarter, the only great play for Tech was the kickoff touchdown return for 100 yards – which UGA then responded to with a 6-play touchdown drive to snuff the momentum out of Tech. The perfect symbol of this was the best drive of Tech’s for the entire first half: a 10-play, 4 minute drive for just 23 yards. This defensive showing was the best by Georgia in the past 10 years against a Georgia Tech team – in terms of rushing yards allowed. So, let us dive into this game overall.

​Overall, the team played incredible. It is hard to nit-pick this team after they dismantled a Tech team that seemed to have finally found its offensive rhythm. Georgia simply man-handled Georgia Tech from the opening whistle to when the backups were in the game. The only major breakdown was in kickoff coverage – something that could come to haunt UGA in the post-season when they face far more talented teams. Hopefully that one kickoff return remains a minor blip on the radar. Rodrigo Blankenship also missed a field goal try late in the second half which could have put the Dawgs up by even more – though this in of itself is nitpicking when Blankenship has been fairly automatic. The offense went completely dead in the second half too, which is also due to the fact Georgia just wanted experience for backups and to kill the clock. To say the least, Georgia is possibly finally starting to play to the level that a lot of fans expected coming off of last season now that a lot of the young players have matured – and possibly showing that they can in fact stand toe-to-toe with Alabama on one of the largest stages of college football: the SEC Championship Game.


Jake Fromm: 13/16 for 175 yards and 4 touchdowns – and 1 carry for 1 yard.

Jonathan Ledbetter: 9 tackles (5 solo and 1 tackle for a loss).

Look Ahead:

Georgia plays Alabama next week in the Benz stadium for the SEC Championship. This will be the first time the teams have met in the SEC Championship since the 2012 game. Alabama is entering the game currently undefeated (they are playing Auburn as we speak). This will be a rematch that has been talked about ever since the loss Georgia suffered back in January. The game will be played on December 1st at 4 P.M. in the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

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