Will Atlanta United break “The Curse?”


12/7/18 9:00pm

Will Atlanta United break “The Curse?”

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With a city desperate for a championship, Atlanta has had a few opportunities but have failed to “break the curse.” After unimaginable collapses in the form of the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl LI appearance and most recently the Georgia Bulldogs OT loss to Alabama this past January, the city is now clinging on to one of it’s newest teams, Atlanta United FC.

After multiple disappointments, the city and it’s fans decided that the Atlanta teams were unable to win the “big game” and were destined to be “cursed.” Now 23 years since their last championship, it’s looking like Atlanta United could in fact “break the curse.”

With Atlanta United taking the MLS world by storm, they have set records left and right with single season attendance (901,003) and highest attendance for a MLS playoff game (67,221). After falling to the Columbus Crew in the 2017 Playoffs, the Five Stripes have made it a priority to accomplish what they started and ultimately bring the first Sports Championship to the city of Atlanta since 1995.

With the opportunity to win it all, Atlanta is looking to finish what so many other teams were unable to do in the past. With the opponent, Portland Timbers, in town don’t be surprised to see the whole city come together and cheer on the best shot they have of a Championship in 2018.

Lets hope Atlanta United can finish the job and put this city in a complete frenzy.

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