404 THE BEAT EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Georgia Baseball’s OF Randon Jernigan 

3/29/19 1:25pm

404 THE BEAT EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Georgia Baseball’s OF Randon Jernigan 

By. Andrew Rodberg

Name: Randon Jernigan

From: Brunswick,GA

Position: Outfield

Class: Freshman

Hi Randon. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with 404thebeat.com. There has been a lot of buzz around Georgia Baseball, as you guys hold strong in the 4th spot and look to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament. With people starting to recognize what you all are doing, I wanted to give our followers some insight about you and the team.

404 THE BEAT: As we know, you are a freshman, but how was your recruiting process? Were you a highly recruited prospect? What stood out for Georgia that led you to sign with them? (Aside from you being from Georgia)

Randon: “My recruiting process was kind of weird. Because coaches didn’t know if I was going to choose football or baseball, some held out on me until I told them. I let Coach Stricklin know the summer going into my senior year that I was going to play baseball and that I wanted to be a dawg and that’s all it took.”

404 THE BEAT: You were a two sport athlete in high school, how hard was it for you to pick baseball over football? Did you get any offers to play football?

Randon: “It was very tough to choose, football was my first love so that made it even harder. I had around 20 D1 offers to play football from schools like Cincinnati, Colorado St, Georgia So, Troy, App St and more.” 

404 THE BEAT: Upon getting on campus, what would you say was the biggest change for you going into this season and joining a new team?

Randon: “The biggest change for me was getting to be on a new team. I was with the same group of guys all my life throughout high school so getting to know the guys took a while for whatever reason.” 

404 THE BEAT: Georgia Baseball has been on the rise the last couple of years, what would you say is your own personal goals for this season and what would be a main goal for the team as a whole?

Randon: “I don’t really have any personal goals, I just want to contribute in any way I can. The main goal for this team is Omaha or bust. That’s basically our mindset.”

404 THE BEAT: After attending the game vs Tech this past week and seeing how you guys stay loose before first pitch, do you have any pre-game rituals?

Randon: “The only pregame rituals I have is stretching a lot and praying before every game because it relaxes me.”

404 THE BEAT: On a lighter note, aside from baseball, what do you and the team like to have competitions of when you aren’t play baseball? Ping pong? Fortnite? Pool?

Randon: “We love us some ping pong for sure, fort nite is another thing that most guys play, I don’t because I’m terrible at it and we love playing card games.” 

404 THE BEAT: With SEC play ramping up, what would you like to see the team accomplish? Rankings? Record? Win the SEC? etc.

Randon: “Obviously the goal would be to win the SEC, but we would also like to be nationally seeded going into regionals and supers.”

404 THE BEAT: Is there anything you would like to tell Dawg Nation?

Randon: “I would like to tell Dawg Nation to just keep on coming and packing out Foley because we feed off of the crowd and we love to see everybody there.”

404 THE BEAT: Randon, I would personally like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview with your busy schedule and games. I wish you and the team the best of luck this season and hope to see you guys in Omaha, Nebraska later this year.

Randon: “Thanks for this man and for your time!!”

Like Randon said, keep supporting your Georgia Bulldogs Baseball team as they continue to make UGA proud!

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