Dawgs Stomped The Chomp

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11/3/19 3:00pm

Dawgs Stomped The Chomp


Cover Photo: Kim Klement/USA Today Sports

As previously predicted in #8 Georgia vs #6 Florida Week #10 Prediction we were 100% correct in our score prediction with the Dawgs defeating the Gators 24-17

By: Joshua Grosh

Breathe easy Dawg fans – Georgia topples the 6th ranked Florida Gators for the third year in a row. There are some major historical things to mention and appreciate as well when it comes to this game and what it meant to Georgia overall. For one thing, Georgia has now officially won the decade against Florida (6-4 in the past ten years over the Gators). This is the first time for Georgia since the 80s. This is the second time (both this decade) of beating Florida three straight years since the 80s as well. To add to this fun, whenever Georgia and Florida have been ranked in the top 10, Georgia now holds the win edge of 4-3. Georgia is facing a great re-leveling of this rivalry and giving Florida a taste of the losing end of the rivalry. Now, let’s move on to the offense as usual in my articles.


First and foremost, hats off to Fromm, Cager, and, yes, James Coley. James Coley did open the offense up and showed some new variety in an offense that seemed predictable from the word go. Coley showed his willingness to run the ball to the outside to make better use of Swift and even showed a surprising newness to pass the ball when Zamir White is on the field (when in the past they have virtually always ran the ball). Next, Fromm showed he was able to take over games and even silence the critics with his best game of the season and in a night where he could have had even more if some drops or possible catches were completed. Fromm, though threw a couple poor passes, overall seemed to break out as the game went on, at one point being the lead rusher for the team as he scrambled multiple times in attempts to give the team life – one scramble even included a far side lateral to Herrien. Fromm at first seemed like he was the heart and soul of this offense and was doing everything humanly possible to will this offense back to life. Fromm has proven after this game to be the best UGA QB to face a Florida team since the turn of the century, be it the stats, the incredibly high QBR averaging in the 90s, multiple touchdowns, or etcetera. He even was 10 of 13 for 119 yards on third down, bringing the Third-and-Grantham b straight to Florida’s doorstep. Fromm and Kirby have Florida’s number. Yet, Fromm could not do it alone. The other star of the show was the future Georgia-Florida game hall of famer Lawrence Cager. I am calling it now. Cager was unstoppable and was Fromm’s favorite target, hauling in 7 catches for 132 yards, 1 touchdown, and the longest Georgia passing play/touchdown of the season. When he is in the game, this Georgia offense looks entirely different. While not world beating, it is an offense that can do enough to make the defense’s work just a bit easier. Yet, before I finish about the offense and go to defense, let’s talk about the negatives for the offense. The OLine, while it did phenomenal in pass defense denying a sack happy defense a single sack, it started off very slow in rush blocking. Georgia needs to have more help in that regard in the future to help to break the will of teams earlier. Next, I am unsure on the use of Matt Landers at this point. He is struggling mightily to record a catch and it hurt Georgia today whenever his number is called. Georgia needs to work on slants or something small to build his confidence in the future if he is to develop. Now on to defense.


Defense was lights out. Period. This defense will carry the offense for the rest of the year and if the offense can develop and continue providing life, Georgia may not have anything to fear. Throughout this entire season, no team has scored a single rushing touchdown and only one team has gotten to 150 rushing yards against Georgia (Kentucky). No team has even been able to score 20 points on Georgia. Georgia’s defense is quietly putting together a top in the nation performance that is often ignored due to the offensive storylines. And while Florida was able to make big plays, they were often unable to fully capitalize off it. A couple drives Georgia slammed the door shut, and in the second half, the fourth quarter especially, Georgia forced Florida to methodically march down the field and eat away the clock to even have a shot – a decision that truly hampered any chance for Florida to possibly have a shot. Georgia was also able to consistently get pressure on Trask, tallying two sacks and what could have been two more if Trask wasn’t able to fall back at the line of scrimmage or just ahead of it. Georgia also was able to break up 6 passes and tally two tackles for a loss (which proved difficult as Florida seemed to at times abandon its run game, partially due to it being bottled up for very minimal yards). The defense was able to adjust and lock down more on the tight end (who seemed like a consistent nightmare for UGA initially). The defense was just extremely impressive in how it was able to lock down on the Florida offense. To say the least, if this Georgia team continues to play like this and improve, not many teams will be able to match Georgia. 


Jake Fromm: 20 of 30 for 279 yards, 9.3 yards per pass, 2 touch downs, 91.9 QBR, and 3 carries 

for 12 yards.

Lawrence Cager: 7 catches for 132 yards, 18.9 yards per catch, and 1 touchdown.

Monty Rice: 9 tackles, 2 solo, .5 tackles for a loss, 1 pass defended. 

Next Opponent:

Georgia returns to the friendly confines of Sanford Stadium to face a Missouri team who is looking to get back to winning ways after their back to back losses to Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Missouri will also be coming off of a bye week.

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