Tigers Maul the Dawgs

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12/8/19 12:00 noon

Tigers Maul the Dawgs

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Cover Photo: Hyosub Shin


 Dawgs Fall to LSU 37-10

By: Joshua Grosh

The best part of tonight started around 8 P.M. – when the game ended. There is no way to change or belittle this, Georgia was completely and utterly embarrassed. They were minced and diced defensively by LSU; offensively, well Georgia simply didn’t have a pulse. From the first quarter where Georgia couldn’t complete a pass to save their life to the end of the game where Georgia still couldn’t run the ball, Georgia simply floundered – again. Then, the defense simply finally collapsed after the sheer pressure this offense has done to them all season. In a game where I could bash near everything, lets get on with it.


Georgia’s offense is just plain awful. Schematically, philosophically, and just top-to-bottom is flat out incomprehensibly bad. This is the problem because it is not just one thing, it is in the entirety. Fromm has completely regressed and at times could not hit an open receiver to save his life. The offensive line couldn’t get any push up front because every run play was predictable. The receivers couldn’t catch a ball at times when right on the numbers or didn’t have very creative routes. Everything is seriously wrong with Georgia’s offense and that is a damning mark on Kirby Smart. In the off-season, when Georgia had a chance to make a splash hire, Georgia went safe with James Coley – an assistant with a very bad OC track record as well as an uninspiring QB coach record. To add to this, Georgia lost a now Heisman candidate in Justin Fields to transfer and we have watched Georgia completely fall apart on offense and at QB. This off season, Georgia must change something – and it must do it now. With the complete regression of Fromm, the lack of any clear offensive identity, and just the awful wide receiver development, Georgia’s offensive staff should be potentially seeing the door soon. If Kirby cannot put out this fire, we may see the uber talented Georgia teams in the coming years continue to show signs of being stuck in neutral. I am not a football genius and I doubt I could be a football coach, but there is just something fundamentally wrong with this offense from personnel to coaching.


Honestly, while Georgia’s defense surrendered the most yards and points all season tonight, I cannot fault them. Georgia faced what may be one of the best QBs to grace the field of college football in years statistically and had absolutely no help from its offense. The defense finally collapsed after essentially carrying the team for much of the season. They kept Georgia alive for a half despite the offense being putrid and giving them no momentum help. The tackling was not very good in this game, but this defense’s spirit just seemed to break the longer this game went on and they began to see they had no help. We did not have our typical defense either due to the constant spread sets and it caused what appeared to be miss matches on the field. I would not go too far to critique the defense too hard outside of tackling given they have carried this team this far.


George Pickens: 4 catches, 54 yards, 1 touchdown. 

Next Opponent:

Next time Georgia plays will be in a bowl game that may likely not be a new year six bowl after today’s performance. We should know more come tomorrow.

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