Meet Our Team:


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Meet Our Team:



Name: Andrew Rodberg

Age: 27

From: Marietta, GA

Favorite Teams: Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons

Title: CEO Lead Writer

Covers: Braves, Hawks, Falcons, Bulldogs, Atlanta United

Aspirations: Get a degree in Sports Broadcasting and Journalism and work for a news outlet in Atlanta.

In Free Time: Attends Sporting Events, Travels, Writes Articles



Name: Joshua Grosh

Age: 24

From: Knoxville, Tennessee

Favorite Teams: Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United FC

Title: Writer

Covers: All UGA

Groups Apart of: A former member of the UGA Spike Squad from 2012-2016

In Free Time: Big Gamer and Movie Goer


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Name: Kayla Lindsey

Age: 26

From: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Favorite Teams: Atlanta Braves and Alabama Football

Title: Writer

Covers: Braves

Aspirations: to inspire and make the world a better place

In Free Time: Travel, Watch Sports, and Cook



Name: Billy Dochniak

Age: 25

From: Lake Worth, FL

Favorite Teams: Georgia Bulldogs, Miami Dolphins, Miami Marlins

Title: Writer

Covers: UGA

Aspirations: become a Coach or Sports Analyst

In Free Time: Big Reader and HUGE gamer