Hey Georgia Fans… it’s officially Florida Hate Week!


10/23/17 11:45am

Hey Georgia Fans… it’s officially Florida Hate Week!


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Every 4th week in October, both Florida and Georgia fans take part in the traditional “Hate Week.” For this week, fans “roast” and smack talk each other in support of their teams. With social media such a big part in today’s society, memes and statuses tend to be where all the hate is spewed out.

In past years, the team that has been supposed to win the game have ended up folding and losing in a critical SEC East showdown to determine who goes to Atlanta. The past 3 years, the Florida Gators have won with a combined total of 89-33.

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This year seems to have a different feel than the past, with the team under 2nd year HC Kirby Smart, the team is sitting at a 7-0 record and a #3 rank in the AP Poll. With all the hype that has been directed towards UGA, Vegas has given UGA a 14.5 point favorite over Florida. With this spread, the Georgia Bulldogs have the largest spread they have had since 1985!

Both teams coming off a bye, will look to get a much needed win for the SEC East standings. Georgia currently sitting at #1 with a 2 game lead, will look to extend that lead and completely close the door on any other team making a comeback.

#GoDawgs #UGAvsUF #HateWeek

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