Did mlbshop.com Leak Alex Anthopoulos’ Secret Trade?

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1/19/19 9:00pm

Did mlbshop.com Leak Alex Anthopoulos’ Secret Trade?

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By. Andrew Rodberg

On Saturday night, only a few short hours after the finale of the 2019 ChopFest event, many fans are still wondering what to make of Alex Anthopoulos’ statements regarding a trade that was “about 70% completed.” After attending the event and listening to the player interviews throughout the day, it’s only right that we as fans try to piece together scenarios in which certain players are traded before Spring Training.

Along with a droopy day where most outside events were brought indoors, the Braves released their new uniforms for 2019 and They are bringing back the “Friday Red” jerseys. Later throughout the night, I along with other fans went online to buy our new jerseys. In doing so, one name in particular stood out in the players list and it took me by surprise.  mlbshop.com/…/t-14002950+d-7838440147+z-95-476224115


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If you go on mlbshop.com and click on the Alternate jerseys, you will be brought to this page. I then instantly went to the players jerseys tab and to my amazement I spotted a Cody Bellinger option… funny because Cody Bellinger plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers!

When you click on his option it directs you to a women’s Dansby Swanson red jersey. After seeing this, my mind started racing back to today’s interviews with management and the players and 2 things that stood out the most was in a interview with AA where he stated, “We would like to add another OF to play with Duvall, Inciarte and Acuña.”

I also remember Freddie doing a Q&A with Kelsey Wingert on instagram where he vaguely stated that the team was planning to give him more days off throughout the 2019 season. Seems kinda fishy that both individuals would say those things and it match up perfectly with Cody Bellinger’s play.

Cody is primarily a 1st baseman but has also played the outfield. If the Braves do trade for Bellinger, it will give them the 3rd outfielder they desperately need and a good 1st baseman to allow Freddie some days off so he doesn’t have to play 162 games a year.

What do you guys think? Did mlbshop.com make a mistake or are they getting ready for a HUGE offseason trade?

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